Applying for admission

Students interested in applying to the University of Arkansas for the fall semester are urged to apply early through the early admission process before November 1. By applying early, students take advantage of scholarship, housing, and orientation privileges; however, regular fall applications will be accepted until August 1.

New freshmen: No college credit or has earned college credit while in high school or the summer immediately after high school graduation.

Transfer freshmen: High school graduate, with fewer than 24 transferable college credits earned after high school.

Transfer students: High school graduate, with more than 24 transferable college credits earned after high school.

Returning students: Previously attended the University of Arkansas, but has earned no college credits since last attending.

Non-degree, visiting & dual enrollment students: Seeking no degree from the University of Arkansas, OR enrolled in a degree program at another institution and taking classes to transfer to the other institution.

Senior Citizens: Arkansas resident, at least 60 years of age and a high school graduate.

Veterans: Veterans of the United States armed forces, including students in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

International students: Prospective students who are not U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents at the time of application.

Law students: Priority application deadline is April 15, but all applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis after that date. Admission is only for the fall of each year, and only a full-time program is offered. (ABA Required Disclosures)

Graduate students: Post-baccalaureate students.

Various Forms for the Admissions Process

Academic Bankruptcy

For current and former University of Arkansas students who want to forfeit all credit hours already earned.

Academic Standards Petition

For students wishing to be exempt from certain University policies including grading, examinations, academic probation and exclusion.

D Petition

For students who want a grade of "D" to be accepted for transfer credit or transfer credit from an institution without regional accreditation.

Out of Career Registration

For graduate students who want to enroll in an undergraduate course for graduate credit, or undergraduate students who want to enroll in a graduate course for undergraduate credit.

Petition to the Admissions and Appellate board

For students wishing to appeal your admissions decision.

Residency Reclassification

This form is for students who want to be reclassified as an Arkansas resident and pay in-state tuition.

Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver